3+ Rewards Program!

As a Club Centaur Rewards member, you’ll receive direct rewards in THREE ways…plus many other valuable offers! We call it our 3+ Rewards program.


ONE - More Cash and Special Offers in the Mail! Use your card while playing on electronic gaming devices and when wagering on all live and simulcast racing events. Based on your play, we’ll mail you big cash coupons, dining offers, special event invitations and so much more. As long as you keep playing, we’ll keep the offers coming. So, use your card and play often...the rewards will be in your mailbox!


TWO - Today’s play gets you big returns…for your return! While playing with your Club Centaur card, you will be accumulating Casino Cash/FREE Slot Play in addition to your Point Perks. The Casino Cash you accumulate will be available to you by 8 am the next gaming day. Activate it by swiping your Club Centaur card at any promotional kiosk. There are no limits on how much Bonus Play you can receive and you’ll have up to 45 days to return for your rewards. Plus, any extra points you get from our point multiplier offers will build your Bonus Play rewards faster for even more Casino Cash. And, you don’t have to redeem your points to get Bonus Play, you just have to have them. Keep your points for other valuable complimentaries.

How to Accumulate Bonus Play:
• Choice members will automatically get $1.00 in Casino Cash for every 150 same-gaming-day points accumulated.
• Elite and Select members will automatically get $1.00 Casino Cash for every 100 same-gaming-day points accumulated.

Bonus Play rewards will be calculated by rounding down to the nearest dollar and will only be issued in whole dollars based on point accumulation. Redeemed Bonus Play rewards will expire at midnight two (2) calendar days after redemption. 


THREE - Accumulate points for valuable complimentaries redeemable at any of our restaurants and Shelby’s gifts. Points can also be used to take advantage of point promotions, gift offers and special services. You can access your point balance at any Club Centaur Rewards center, Club Centaur promotional kiosk and directly on slot machines and e-table games. You determine how and when to use your points by simply presenting your Club Centaur card to the appropriate outlet for fast and easy redemption. Points can be accumulated for FREE food, FREE merchandise, FREE concert tickets, FREE services and much more!

How to Accumulate Point Perks:
• Accumulate one point for every $5.00 in play on a reel or video slot machine.
• Accumulate one point for every $10.00 in play on a video poker slot machine.
• Accumulate one point at various levels of play on e-table games.
• Accumulate one point for every $3.00 wagered on horse racing.
For every 100 points, you’ll receive $1.00 in Perks.

Club Centaur points will only go away if you do – If there is no gaming activity associated with your card for more than 6 months, your points will expire. Most point offers may be redeemed directly at the participating outlet; however some point offers require a visit to Club Centaur Rewards to receive a redemption voucher. See Club Centaur Rewards center for complete listing of available point items.