Wednesday, April 28 Ricky Macomber traveled to the Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis, IN. The school is located on 42nd street right off of Fall Creek Parkway. The campus combines preschool, elementary, middle school and high school all combined into one centralized area to provide easy access to the students. There are also places for students to stay on campus if they are unable to travel long distances. Ricky was able to attend a small ceremony for the school yesterday dedicated to him and his charitable contribution to the school’s academic programs. Ricky was able to donate 1,336 dollars to the school yesterday and the school board as well as the students were able to express their gratitude. The students and teachers were all very excited and pleased to meet Ricky as he has come to be an inspiration to them all. He signed shirts, media guides, and took pictures for everyone. It was an exciting day for Ricky as he was able to make a donation to a charity that means so much to him.

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