This morning at 7 AM a few select Hoosier Park team members, along with celebrity driver Ricky Macomber, attended the 2011 Prayer Breakfast at Madison Park. Several members of the community & local businesses were there, with well over 500 attendees. The breakfast was a way to bring patrons together to hear some motivational words from several speakers. There was a variety of inidividuals in the house all rangning from state representatives, pastors, citizens, and Colts center Jeff Saturday. Saturday attended the breakfast as a key speaker. Many were excited to hear the story of his success and his life that came from him and his wife Karen. The couple spoke for about 45 minutes about their life both involving the NFL and outside when they are just a “normal family”. I’m sure most of you are thinking there can’t be much normality to a NFL stars life. I was thinking the same, but after hearing all they have been through and what truly humble people they are, I can agree they are much like most people I know. Overall the breakfast was a great success. It was a wonderful experience to get to hear and see several members of the community come together to support a greater city of Anderson.

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