The 2011 Kentucky Derby will be simulcasted tomorrow right here at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino! If you’re wondering who some of our picks are…..let me tell you what I know.

Brian Elmore (General Manager of Racing) picked No. 15 Midnight Interlude. He picked this horse because of its trainer, Baffert Bob who has been the winning trainer of the last 2 Indiana Derbys.

Kevin Mack picked No. 8 Dialed in. He chose this horse becuase it finishes well and is always coming at the end.

Steve Cross picked No. 19 Nehro. He picked this horse because he hasn’t seen a horse win from this post in over 30 years.

Stoagie Stan picked No. 8 Dialed In. He chose this horse because its very consistent and it likes to win.

Cliff’s pick is No. 17 Soldat because he had a rough trip in the Florida Derby and looked prior to be the best 3 year old.

Rachel McLaughlin picked No. 1 Archarcharch. She picked this horse because its driver, Jon Court was her very first interview and he’s a great guy.

Hoosier Buddy picked horse No. 13 MuchoMachoMan, because he’s a MuchoMacho Horse.

Tammy Knox picked No. 1 Archarcharch. She chose this horse because there is nothing would make her happier than to see Jon Court win the Derby.

Marcus Miller picked horse No. 7 Pants on Fire because he thinks it has a very funny name.

and Ricky Macomber chose No. 8 Dialed In because he likes the name of the horse.

So if you’re looking for some help when it comes to your Kentucky Derby pick, hopefully some of these tips will help you out!

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