This year at our 17th running of the Indiana Derby we were lucky enough to have Pete Lurie from HRTV here to cover the race. Lurie is one of the popular on-air hosts of HRTV, a national horse racing channel on cable and satellite television.

This is the second year Lurie has joined us for the coverage of Hoosier Park’s Indiana Derby a Grade II event with a purse of $500,000. Pete was joined by our own track host Rachel McLaughlin for handicapping and interviews.

Lurie has been with HRTV since its inception in 2002. In addition to his duties at the all-horse racing channel, he also works at Farplex Park in California as their in-house host. While he was at Hoosier Park for Indiana Derby, HRTV did several cut-ins throughout the day for their live broadcast of racing across the nation. Lurie also did several participant interviews; a duty he shared with McLaughlin.

It was a pleasure having Pete Lurie here with us for Derby Day he was an excellent edition to our activities. He was and always is a joy to work with.

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