Saturday night after our all Quarter Horse Racing Day the jockeys got together and did a little something special. JD Mitchner, Aron Hunt & Harold Collins are pictured here ready to participate in the Womanless Beauty Pageant some of the quarter horse jockeys competed in Saturday night at the QHRAI banquet.

The jockeys, dressed in drag, walked around with a boot asking for donations for Richard Gilliard. Gilliard was critically injured in a quarter horse race August 23rd, he continues in rehabilition to this date. To accompany the beauty pageant proceeds, stick horses were auctioned off to the highest bidder. Anyone who now owns a stick horse will pick a rider and participate in a “stick horse race” on Ladies Day Saturday, October 22nd.

´╗┐Hoosier Park Racing & Casino proudly supports the Disabled Jockey Fund in any way that we can. Horseshoes have also been sold on big racing days and all cash goes to the charity. Dale Huber donated the horse shoes to be decorated and Debbie Blaesing did an amazing job selling the horse shoes on Derby Day. She sold $420 worth of horse shoes that went directly to the charity.

The amount of time spend here at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino on giving back to the community is truly inspiring. We will all be keeping Richard Gilliard and any other disabled jockey in our thoughts, and continue to do what we can to give back to those in need.

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