Hoosier Park Partners with Trakus to Bring Fans Ultimate Viewing Experience

Trakus-AV-FinalIn a continued effort to provide the highest quality racing experience for racing fans, Hoosier Park Racing & Casino is proud to announce the introduction of Trakus, a state-of-the art wireless tracking system that enables racings fans to easily follow their horse instantaneously throughout a race. Upon the launch of this revolutionary system, Hoosier Park will become the only Standardbred track in North America using the Trakus system. This ground-breaking technology is a real-time tracking system capable of automating and enhancing the collection, organization, storage and visual presentation of horse positioning data from all of the races hosted at the Anderson track.

Using a wireless radio frequency system, Trakus determines the exact location of each horse throughout the entire race by small radio antennas placed around the racetrack and corresponding ultra-lightweight radio tags in each horse’s saddle pad. This state-of-the-art system not only provides professional tools to enhance the racing experience but also improves the view of live racing. A scale graphic will be customized to match Hoosier Park’s track surface and the entire seven-eighths mile oval will be outfitted with permanent fixtures and cabling to support the Trakus equipment. The system then instantly tracks each horse in a race and uses real time 3-D virtual camera views to display the information, all while storing statistical information in a database.

The video enhancement that is provided through Trakus creates a graphical overlay to live video showing the order of every horse in the field, not just the top 3 or 4. Using color icons known as “chicklets,” the electronic tracking system displays the exact position of each horse on the television monitors throughout the entirety of a race. The bottom 1/3 of Hoosier Park’s screen will show a graphical representation of the racetrack, showing each horse as a color-coded numbered rectangle, or “chicklet”, so the viewer can quickly tell which horse is leading and by how many lengths. The running order is automatically updated in real time.  With Trakus, racing fans can enjoy race videos with clear tracking of each horse’s position, speed, and sectional timing throughout the race.

“Hoosier Park could not be more pleased to announce the addition of Trakus for our racing fans viewing and enjoyment,” Hoosier Park’s vice president and general manager of racing Rick Moore noted. “Whether a seasoned veteran or a novice when it comes to horse racing, Trakus will heighten the excitement of our video presentation.”

Already in place at such major Thoroughbred venues as Churchill Downs, Keeneland and Del Mar, the tracking system gives serious handicappers an added edge when evaluating horses’ racing styles and progress. Serious handicappers will have access to a variety of new resources, including exclusive speed and distance measurements all collected via the state-of-the-art Trakus tracking system. All of the Trakus handicapping information will be readily made available on the Hoosier Park website located at www.hoosierpark.com.

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