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Tetrick Currently Atop Driver Standings

Trace Tetrick may be one of the youngest drivers at Hoosier Park but that has not deterred Trace Tetrick from being a tough competitor on the racetrack. The 24-year-old native of Southern Illinois is one of the up and coming young drivers in the Midwest.

Tetrick currently leads all drivers with 91 trips to the winner’s circle. Pete Wrenn, the three-time defending champion, follows closely in second with 85 victories. Sam Widger isn’t far behind him with 82 wins.

Tetrick’s ability to drive horses runs in the family. His older brother, Tim, is one of the top drivers in the nation. He set a new seasonal mark for most wins ever scored by a driver in one year, setting the bar at 1,189 in 2007 “My main goal is to continue to be successful and competitive on a nightly basis,” said Tetrick. “There are some good drivers here and it’s going to get tougher as the purse money increases.”

Tetrick began working with horses at the family farm, racing on the Illinois county fair circuit before branching out into the pari-mutuel ranks seven years ago. In his first full season at Hoosier Park in 2006, Tetrick scored a 12th place ranking in the driver standings. He followed up with a fourth place finish in 2007 and became the youngest driver or jockey to ever win a title at Hoosier Park, scoring 116 wins during the 2008 season. Tetrick finished second in the standings last year as he reached the winner’s circle 114 times and bankrolled over $1.2 million.

Tetrick earned his 1,000th career win in 2009. He is now closing in on 2,000 wins as he as recorded 1867 victories in his 12th year as a driver. Tetrick had his best year to date with over $4 million in purse earnings and 391 wins in 2011, almost doubling his own stats in years past! He returns to Indiana this spring from a superb meet at Windsor Raceway in Canada where he led all drivers in wins prior to his departure.

“It’s been a great year so far,” Tetrick noted of the season. “I’ve had the opportunity to drive for some really great people that have provided me with top quality horses to drive day in and day out. I look forward to the rest of the season with these stake horses that are just coming into their prime. Hopefully, things continue the way the way that they have been throughout this year and I’ll be happy.”